Isabella Swan!!

ISABELLA SWAN--- a girl from Phinex Arazona, the came to live with her father in Forks washington while her mother went to florda. she is a total spaz!!! she sees this guy in school Edward Cullen and falls in love him. but the twist on things is he is a vampire. want to know more read the books!!


Edward Cullen!!

EDWARD CULLEN---a 100 year old vampire who live his life every day as a 17 year old. he is talented at pretty much any thing. and has a special power that he can read thoughts. all exept one. Bella swan.every thing is going fine until she shows up. he finds out that he has some freaky self control to not kill bella. but then later realizes it is because he is helplessly in love with her. dun Dun DUN!!!!!

Alice Cullen!!

ALICE CULLEN--- alice is a pixie like vampire who lives at age 17. she cam see the future. she is edward's sister and she too faces the challenges of having bella round. and she already trully loves bella befor edward even speaks to her. and she knows that edward will never hurt bella because he trully loves her even more than any one could guess. alice  is in love with jasper hale. what next!!!!

Rosalie Hale!!

ROSALIE HALE--- is more commonly known as "the most beautiful person in the world". she dosen't lke bella at all. because she is upset that edward thinks bella is prettier then her.and so she even starts to hate her. she is in love with Emmett Cullen.  READ THE BOOK!!!

Jasper Hale!!

JASPER HALE--- jasper is the newest vampire to the cullen coven. he spent most of his time beng a vampire as a vampire soldier and he was very good at it. he also has a power where he can change the mood that you feel: froom happy to sad to calm to anxious......ect. his is in love with alice cullen.

Esme Cullen!!

ESME CULLEN--- esme is a motherly vampire. she is "mother" to the four cullen children.  she is doctor cullens wife and she excepts bella like her own daughter. she had become a vampire because she had jumped over a cliff and carlisle had changed her in the morge she was left to dye in.

Emmett Cullen!!

EMMETT CULLEN--- he is strong funny and little stupid he likes to make fun of bella and he is considered Edward's big brother even though edward is older. but edward trully loves him as an older brother. he is in love with rosalie hale.

DR. Carlisle Cullen!!

CARLISLE CULLEN--- he is a doctor and has created most of the cullen/hale coven. he is the fatherly figure. he had created edward, esme, emmett, and rosalie. he is exreamly loving and he cares about every one of them. he is a doctor at the forks hospital.


JAMES---james is the bad vamp. he is a nomad who happens to pass by when the cullens are playing baseball. he is a tracker, once he finds a scent he likes there is no changing his mind. he catches the sent of bella, her scent is all to powerful. and edward goes to hide her but james finds her and he attacks.


VICTORIA---victoria is a traveler with james he is her mate. she helps him on his hunt for bella.